Meet The Artist


Hello!  Welcome to my website.  My name is Suzanne Merkl.  I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and great-grandmother.  I am a working artist with an addiction to fusing, and I am blessed to be able to spend every day playing with fire and sharp objects.

Growing up, most kids know exactly what they want to be.  I dreamed of being an accountant or another career suitable to my “type A personality”.  I never attempted an art class because I was so intimidated by the fact my mother was an accomplished oil painter. That changed in 1991 when I took my first stained glass class. I loved the colors and the precision required to create a presentable project. I created 11 projects in my beginning class while the others finished one. I was totally hooked.

In the years to follow I did a hundreds of  beautiful pieces that were sold in art galleries or were special commissions. In 2000 I quit my “day job” as a business analyst and became a full time artist.  I was always looking for ways to be innovative and that’s how I came into fusing. I wanted to create fused pieces to put into abstract stained glass panels.

I traveled to Pennsylvania to take a class from the award winning fusing artist, Lisa Vogt. During the class I was introduced to dichroic glass and my focus made a 180 degree turn.  Dichroic glass was developed in the 1960s for the space program.  The glass is coated with up to 27 layers of combinations of minerals to make different colors, which reflect one color and transmit another.  For example, a piece of dichroic glass may  look blue when you place the glass on a dark surface, but orange when you hold it up to the light and look through it.  Then, to make things even more interesting, this same piece will turn green when it is fused.  Add in a multitude of textures and top and bottom colors, and the possibilities become almost endless.  But I was having difficulty incorporating the fused dichroic glass pieces into stained glass.  I found that the dichroic glass was more appealing when I used it in smaller pieces, like jewelry.

Fusing dichroic jewelry became my new passion.  I love experimenting with colors and textures, and I’m proud to say that I have a lot of happy accidents.  My “type A personality” is evident in my precise shapes.  Each piece is fused at least twice, some of them up to 11 times.  By definition, there can be no two pieces exactly alike.  My jewelry has a tailored style and saturated color.  Each piece is an original, handmade work of wearable art.

Thank you for visiting my website!